Cintronella Candle Galvanized Bucket 17oz


Cintronella Candle Galvanized Bucket 17oz

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Add the signature 17-ounce Galvanized Bucket Citronella Candle to your next backyard barbeque! These citronella candles come in durable, but stylish galvanized metal buckets with the Patio Essentials logo embossed on the front. The classic galvanized metal look of these citronella bucket candles pairs perfectly with any décor style, from modern industrial to farmhouse-chic! Besides being able to add some style to your patio space, these citronella bucket candles have practical, functional features that you’ll love. Each candle comes with a plastic lid to protect the wax from the elements in between uses. The handle on the metal bucket and the lids also make these super convenient for taking on a camping trip or picnic. Pair them with our other citronella products and space 18-36 inches apart for maximum coverage.

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