Citronella Candle Faux Terracotta Design 21oz


Citronella Candle Faux Terracotta Design 21oz

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If you love the look of terracotta but worry about it breaking on your bustling patio, you’re going to love the Patio Essentials 21-Ounce Embossed Faux Terracotta 3 Wick Citronella Candle! The pot containing these medium-sized citronella candle is made from a durable resin that looks just like a low terracotta pot but can stand up to being moved around regularly and bumps from kids or pets. Each faux terracotta pot features an embossed floral-inspired design on the font to add some subtle flair and three weeks that help ensure the candle burns evenly and throws off a little extra candlelight.

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