Glass Pineapple 3 in 1 Torch


Glass Pineapple 3 in 1 Torch

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Throw a luau in your backyard with our Patio Essentials Glass Pineapple 3-in-1 Torch! This 3-in-1 convertible torch comes with four connecting pole pieces, a deck clamp, and a torch head so that it can be set up as a standard 5ft torch, attached to your deck railing, or used as a tabletop torch! The glass pineapple torch head with the bronze cap shaped like the pineapple’s crown adds a touch of the tropics and an element of fun to your outdoor space, however you choose to set it up! With this torch’s large fuel capacity and the long-lasting fiberglass wick, you’ll be ready to entertain all night long!

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