Midnight New Year’s Eve Decorating Kit


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Get ready for your New Year’s party with this kit of decorations. There are 4 types of decorations in the kit, including paper garland, vertical foil string garland, blue paper fans and blue and gold foil paper fans. Foil garland and swirls reflect light for a shiny appearance. Blue and gold color provides an elegant look. String is included so you can easily hang decorations from the ceiling. Paper garland measures 9′ x 4-1/2′, and foil garland is 7′ long. Paper fans are 8″ in diameter, while paper and foil fans are 16″ in diameter. Each case contains 2 packs of 1 kit each. Kits include 4 different decorations. Designs include paper garland, foil garland, paper fans and paper and foil fans.